3 Jan 2020

Joseph & Catherine
Wedding Ceremony

Getting Married

3. January. 2020


Our Love Story



It’s been 7 short years. 7 years of growing and learning. 7 years of getting to know the most incredible woman in the world. And as I think back in time from the day we met, it is amazing to see how the hand of God has led us both through time to this point.

Cathy left an indelible mark on me from that first moment. And despite the different paths our lives seemed to take us on we always, somehow, ended up back together.
Cathy has shown me a side of love, acceptance and understanding that I never thought I could ever find. It took me 7 years to realize how real and true it is. And I can’t wait to find out how much more of her there is to know.

She will tell you the story of how we met, but I will tell you the story of what meeting her meant to me. Through the struggles of my life there was always a ray of hope that would ignite when she was around. She embodies all the qualities of a virtuous woman. And in her I found a peace that my soul has been searching for.

She is my friend, my love and my queen. And I look forward to eternity with her.

First Meet

We met in church, and in town a couple of times thereafter, we had great conversation but life events overtook us yet thankfully for social media we stayed in touch. Messages here and there, phone calls when we could...till we met again in 2017. That was a great year...but God was still working on us. Come this year 2020, this beautiful year...We were both ready. Without a shred of doubt...we both knew what we wanted from each other, it was as they say all stars had aligned...😁😁

He Proposed

It was winter in Paris....of course it was I read it online. Isn't that the way we all travelled this year after all??? Lol I'll let him tell this part, he says it better than I do.

Love Story

I'd say I'm happy, excited...and truly I am all those things. I feel mostly blessed at the man I see in you OJ. I'm glad I've shared this journey with you, each day has seen us both grow, as individuals and as a couple. I want to spend eternity loving you and honouring you. (Let me save the rest for the vows! ❀) I love you.

Wedding Day



They say theres two sides to any story...so this is mine. And I'm sticking to it...
I met Ombati in 2013...he was a friend of a friend and instantly I knew I was attracted to him...as the lady I am I said I wouldn't as much as blink his way, he would have easily picked up on it.

So yea, day ended, weeks went by and I guess couple of months, then he reached out.
I saw his message when in a KBS heading to town...I wasn't sure how to react, so I waited a couple of hours before texting a simple hi, who is this? back.πŸ€ͺ🀣.

I have his rib...his...Joseph Ombati Onkundi Mwencha.
My best day to be...3rd January 2021

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Wedding Ceremony

Nairobi Central SDA Church



Marula Manor


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Wedding Ceremony

9:00am – 12:00pm
Nairobi Central SDA Church


12:30pm – 17:30pm
Marula Manor